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Depart for Zhanjiang to do the test

We treat customers with enthusiasm and seriousness. As long as you make a request, we will solve the problems and problems for you at the first time.

Shipping again! Shipping again!

After the contract was signed, our company quickly put into stocking. The staff of various departments cooperated with each other. On December 13, the stocking work was completed and the goods were successfully shipped to Jinan customers.

Transformer comprehensive test bench is wonderfully shipped~~

Jinyuan has shipped again! Our transformer comprehensive test bench has shipped again~~

Professionals do special work

The frequency conversion series resonance withstand voltage test device is ready to be shipped! According to the needs of customers, with the tacit cooperation of various departments, this series harmonic device of model WJCX 2250KVA-120KV is ready to go...

Wuhan Jinyuan Electric Zhangjiajie three-day tour

We visited Helong Park, Yubi Peak, Fairy Presenting Flowers, Ecstasy Terrace, No. 1 Bridge in the World, Avatar Filming Location...

Out of Asia to the world

With the rapid development and expansion of Wuhan Jinyuan Electric Company and the continuous innovation of research and development technology, the products have attracted the attention and support of customers at home and abroad. , sales continue to expand the domestic market, but also to the international.

Comprehensive test system shipped on schedule

Test items: power transformer no-load characteristic test, load characteristic test, short-circuit impedance test, temperature rise test, reactor inductance test.

Word of mouth, mutual benefit and win-win

On January 10, 2018, Indian friends came to our company for on-site inspection.

You give me trust, I give you harvest

Details are the most powerful manifestation of the quality of a product or service. As a worker in equipment production, attention to detail is essential. We not only pay attention to high quality of production equipment, but also pay attention to high appearance.

Switch temperature rise test technology exchange meeting

Switch temperature rise test technology exchange meeting
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Jinyuan wholeheartedly welcomes new and old customers to visit and guide, and sincerely hopes to share technology with you and create the future together!





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