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Cable Fault Test System

The cable tester is a new generation of portable intelligent cable fault detection instrument carefully designed and manufactured by our company. The instrument is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and easy to carry.
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I. Overview

The cable tester is a new generation of portable intelligent cable fault detection instrument carefully designed and manufactured by our company. The instrument is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and easy to carry.

The instrument has a friendly man-machine interface, novel and intuitive menu design, just right parameter processing, and a unique black background, which enables the instrument to work in a strong lighting environment. Bring clarity and clarity to the user of this instrument. The operation of various functions such as setting of various parameters, display of the working state of the instrument, compression and expansion of the test waveform, storage and recall, waveform displacement, and comparison on the same screen can be completed by touch operation. The collected data has high reliability, the waveform display is clear and easy to distinguish, the echo inflection point is obvious, and it is especially easy to interpret the fault distance.


2. Characteristics of the instrument

1. It can test various types of faults of various types of copper-aluminum core power cables, coaxial communication cables and local telephone cables with voltage levels below 35KV, such as open circuit faults, short circuit faults, high resistance flashover faults and high resistance leakage faults.

2. There are a variety of test methods, such as low-voltage pulse method, impulse high-voltage current sampling method, DC high-voltage flashover method, etc.

3. The instrument is powered by a high-energy polymer rechargeable battery, and the sampling board interface is a USB type directly powered by a microcomputer. Coupled with advanced current sampling technology, the system can truly isolate the operator and the tester from high voltage, and has strong anti-interference ability, while ensuring the reliability of the test and the safety of man-machine.

4. The pre-sampling measurement unit adopts advanced signal processing technology, and the screen is displayed in full Chinese, and the test waveform characteristics are clear and easy to distinguish, which makes the cable fault analysis easier to grasp.

5. Using Wince operating system software, more humanized design, easy to operate.

6. The online service business carried out by the company is more convenient for users. As long as you send the test waveform to us by E-mail, you can get expert analysis and guidance on the same day. The company will also regularly send the collected various cable fault waveforms and their analysis results to you by E-mail, so that you will soon become a cable fault testing expert.

7. The data processing technology of dual track and screen comparison is helpful for you to compare and analyze the waveform.


3. Technical parameters

Range: 4m~40Km

Ranging accuracy: when the measurement range is less than 1Km, the measurement error is not more than 1m

When the measurement range is greater than 1Km, the relative error of measurement is not more than 0.5%

Pulse amplitude: not less than 250V at 50Ω.

Pulse width: 0.2μs, 2μs, 4μs three.

Sampling frequency: 48MHz.

System measurement error: The measurement result of the host is combined with the digital display synchronous fixed point instrument to measure, and the system error is 10cm.

Reading resolution: V/2fV wave propagation speed in the cable (m/μs) f sampling frequency (MHz). For example, the propagation speed of the oil-impregnated paper cable is V=160m/μs, and f=40MHz is used for sampling, then the reading resolution is


The radio wave propagation speed of 5 cable media is preset: oil-impregnated paper: 160m/μs; XLPE: 172m/μs; PVC: 184m/μs; mining rubber cable: 100m/μs; The setting of the electric wave propagation speed of the power cable (select the medium).

For other non-power cables, the propagation speed of electric waves in the cable can be measured after inputting the known full length of the cable.

Sampling method: current sampling method.

Power supply: industrial frequency or built-in polymer rechargeable battery.

Power frequency: AC 220V±10%, frequency 50Hz±5%, the instrument can work normally for more than 24 hours.

Internal battery: After the battery is fully charged, the instrument can work continuously for about 6 hours.

Working temperature: -10℃~50℃

Host volume: 390×310×180mm, weight: 3Kg

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