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WJXCY-IV Transmission Line Parameter Tester

JXCY-IV line parameter tester is a high-precision test instrument for on-site testing of power frequency parameters of various high-voltage transmission lines (overhead, cable, and overhead cable hybrid).
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I. Overview

JXCY-IV line parameter tester is a high-precision test instrument for on-site testing of power frequency parameters of various high-voltage transmission lines (overhead, cable, and overhead cable hybrid). The instrument is an integrated structure, with a built-in variable frequency power supply module, and a variable frequency voltage regulation output power supply. The frequency can be changed to 45Hz or 55Hz, and the digital filtering technology is adopted to avoid the interference of the power frequency electric field to the test, and fundamentally solve the problem of accurate measurement under the interference of strong electric field. At the same time, it is suitable for the occasions where the generator is used for power supply detection after all power failures.


2. Characteristics of the instrument

1. Integrated structure, small size and light weight

The interior of the instrument is highly integrated, and nearly a truckload of equipment in the traditional measurement method is all integrated into the integrated main box; it is the smallest and lightest among the same products in China at present; it provides the most simple and convenient test for the test. test means.

2. Simple and convenient access to the power supply

All the measurement process of the instrument only needs to be connected to the 220V voltage of the mains, which solves the trouble of inconvenient access to the 380V voltage on site in the existing measurement methods.

3. Super strong anti-induced voltage capability

The instrument adopts unique patented technology (patent number: 201020687669.X) anti-induced voltage circuit to ensure that the instrument can withstand higher induced voltage and can work normally under the high induced voltage of tens of thousands of volts.

4. Frequency conversion technology, precise measurement

It has strong anti-interference ability. The instrument's internal frequency conversion power supply module provides the instrument's measurement output power, and the frequency can be changed to 45Hz or 55Hz. Digital filtering technology is used to effectively avoid various on-site power frequency interference signals, so that the instrument can achieve high performance. Precise, accurate and reliable measurements.

5. DSP high-speed processor

Accurate and fast, the instrument uses a professional DSP fast digital signal processor as the processing core. On the premise of ensuring the accuracy of the measurement data, it greatly improves its own computing and processing capabilities.

6. Simple operation

The external wiring is simple, and the positive sequence impedance, zero sequence impedance, positive sequence capacitance, and zero sequence capacitance can be connected to the down-conductor of the line under test only once at the test end to complete all measurements; it solves the existing test methods. Problems such as cumbersome wiring switching, anti-interference, stability, accuracy, etc.; avoid the injury of the experimenter due to the induced voltage when changing the wiring.

7. Massive data storage

The instrument is equipped with a calendar chip and a large-capacity memory, which can save the test results in chronological order, and can view the historical records at any time, and can print out.

8. Scientific and advanced data management

The instrument data can be exported through the U disk, and the data can be viewed and managed through our company's special software on any PC, and work reports can be generated.

9. Full touch large LCD display

The operation is simple, the instrument is equipped with a high-end full-touch LCD screen, and the Chinese menu of all operation steps is displayed on the large display interface. Each step is very clear, and the operator can use it without additional professional training. The measurement of the whole process can be completed with a single touch, and it is a very ideal intelligent measurement device at present.

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