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WT3000E Power Analyzer

As the most accurate power analyzer in the world, the WT3000E provides a level of high precision that can truly validate small improvements in efficiency.
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As the most accurate power analyzer in the world, the WT3000E provides a level of high precision that can truly validate small improvements in efficiency.

• World's Highest Accuracy: Basic power accuracy of ±(0.01% of reading + 0.03% of range), DC, bandwidth (0.1Hz to 1MHz), and improved accuracy in the 0.1Hz to 30Hz range.

• Two input units: 2A and 30A input units can be installed on the same instrument host at the same time. In this way, engineers can implement a variety of applications with just one WT3000E, such as measuring standby power and evaluating various operating modes of the device under test.

• Good readability: 8.4-inch color LCD screen.

• Fast data update: The maximum data update rate is 50ms, which can accurately capture fast-changing instantaneous signals. Once the signal is captured, analysis can be performed on the possible data. Two different algorithms can be switched according to the data update period.

• Accuracy compensation function: It compensates the loss of the access unit, and can provide three correction functions for power and efficiency measurement - wiring compensation, efficiency compensation, and two-wattmeter compensation. These compensation functions enable the WT3000E to measure power accurately.

• Three-phase Delta operation: In the three-phase three-wire connection mode (3V3A), the phase voltage of each phase can be calculated according to the measured line voltage. In 3-phase 3-wire wiring (using two units), the R-S line voltage can also be calculated. Use this function to measure phase voltages for measurement objects without neutral, such as motors.

• Cycle trend analysis: This analysis function can arrange the measurement parameters of each cycle, such as voltage, current, active power, etc. The measurable input frequency is 0.1Hz~1000Hz, and up to 3000 sets of data can be saved to CSV format files. Data graphs can also be displayed periodically using Yokogawa's PC application software.

• Interfaces: GP-IB, Ethernet, RS-232 and USB

• Advanced functions: motor evaluation function (/MTR option), advanced waveform analysis (/G6 option), FFT (Fast Fourier Transform), save raw waveform sample data.

• Harmonic analysis software 761922 reads the measurement data of WT3000E and performs harmonic analysis according to the latest standards of IEC61000-3-2 & IEC61000-3-12.

• Flicker measurement (/FL option) The voltage fluctuation and flicker measurement of this function complies with the latest standards of IEC61600-3-3 & IEC61000-3-11.

WT3000E can greatly meet your testing needs:

• High precision and wide frequency range


Basic power accuracy

±(0.01% of reading + 0.03% of range)

Measurement bandwidth

DC, 0.1 Hz~1 MHz

• Low power factor error

When cosø=0, the influence of power factor

0.03% of S

S is the apparent power reading

ø is the phase angle of the voltage and current

• Current range

DC input

0.5/1/2/5/10/20/30 [A] or 5/10/20/50/100/200/500 [mA], 1/2 [A]

* 30A and 2A input units can be installed at the same time

• External input

50m/100m/200m/500m/1/2/5/10 [V]*

• Voltage range

15/30/60/100/150/300/600/1000 [V]*

* Voltage range and current range at crest factor 3.

Continuous maximum common mode voltage (50/60 Hz), voltage input terminal 1000 [Vrms], current input terminal 1000 [Vrms] (measurable maximum allowable voltage), 600Vms (rated voltage according to EN61010-2-030)

Data update rate: 50 ms ~ 20 sec

Valid input range: 1% ~ 130%

Simultaneous measurement of two hosts

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