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Electrical Technician Bachelor degree or above 3 2023-09-22
Location of work: Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province - - Age limitation for work: 1-3 years Educational background:: Bachelor degree or above Number of people to be recruited: 3 Wages: 面议
Job Responsibilities: 1) Draw project electrical drawings (CAD) and basic programming (PLC) ladder diagrams according to company and customer requirements; 2) Debugging after the equipment is installed; 3) Communicate with customers; solve problems in on-site use. Qualifications: 1) Electrical automation and related related majors, college degree or above; 2) Familiar with PLC principle, can program independently; 3) Familiar with the principle and use of common industrial control electrical components; 4) Have strong communication and understanding ability and teamwork ability; 5) Can adapt to overtime and business trips;
Software Development Engineer Bachelor degree or above 2 2023-09-22
Location of work: Jiangxia District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province - - Age limitation for work: 1-3 years Educational background:: Bachelor degree or above Number of people to be recruited: 2 Wages: 面议
Job Responsibilities: 1) Have good C/C++, VBA language skills, be proficient in configuration architecture, and be proficient in serial port and network port driver writing; 2) The development direction is transformer automation test pipeline, and experience in automation projects is preferred; 3) Have good communication skills, and experience in the power industry is preferred; Qualifications: 1) College degree or above in computer or related majors; 2) Proficient in C/C++, VBA programming language; 3) Proficient in configuration interface and programming; 4) Proficient in network communication (serial port, TCP/UDP) development; Proficient in instrument-driven writing; office clerk (1) Job responsibilities: 1) Can bear hardships and stand hard work, have a spirit of solidarity and cooperation, have a sense of responsibility, and be motivated, (pay attention to assisting sales to make quotation plans, organize contracts, and participate in bidding) 2) Regularly complete quantitative work requirements under the leadership and supervision of superiors, and be able to independently handle and solve the projects in charge; 3) Manage customer relationships and urge sales staff to complete sales tasks; 4) Understand and explore customer needs and purchasing desires, introduce the advantages and characteristics of their products, and provide professional consultation to customers; 5) Collect potential customer information and collect receivables accounts. Qualifications: 1) College degree or above, major in marketing and other related majors, CAD and PS knowledge is preferred; 2) Outgoing personality, quick response, strong expression ability, strong communication skills and communication skills, and affinity; 3) Good sense of customer service, sense of responsibility, and able to withstand greater work pressure. 4) Not afraid to endure hardships and have a good team spirit. The company is willing to provide every employee with a broad space for development. As long as you are willing to learn and work hard, Jinyuan Electric sincerely invites you to create a better future together!
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