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WJZGF-60KV/2mA DC High Voltage Generator (English Version)
WJZGF series DC high voltage generator is composed of intermediate frequency inverter voltage doubler rectifier circuit, dedicated PWM pulse width modulation chip and high voltage high power MOSFET device, and includes 0.75U voltage output, current and voltage protection value setting, sound and light alarm during protection, etc. Function. The instrument has the characteristics of high precision, high stability, portable and full function. Various technical indicators meet the requirements of my country's current standard ZBF24003-90 "General Technical Conditions for Portable DC High Voltage Generators".
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WJKY-V Zinc Oxide Arrester Tester
Zinc oxide arrester tester is used for the measurement and analysis of zinc oxide [MOA] leakage current. It is mainly used to measure resistive current, so as to analyze the degree of zinc oxide aging and moisture. The on-site live test is in line with the requirements of the People's Republic of China Electric Power Industry Standard "DL474.5-92 Implementation Guidelines for Field Insulation Test - Lightning Arrester Test". It can also be used for factory and acceptance tests in the laboratory.
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WJKZC-203 Zinc oxide arrester DC parameter tester
Zinc oxide arrester DC parameter tester is specially used to detect the internal defects of poor electrical contact between MOA valves of non-gap zinc oxide arresters used in power systems of 10kV and below. It is stipulated that power plants and substations should perform DC 1mA voltage (U1mA) and 0.75U1mA leakage current detection on metal oxide arresters before the thunderstorm season and when necessary.
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WJXCY-IV Transmission Line Parameter Tester
JXCY-IV line parameter tester is a high-precision test instrument for on-site testing of power frequency parameters of various high-voltage transmission lines (overhead, cable, and overhead cable hybrid).
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Cable Fault Test System
The cable tester is a new generation of portable intelligent cable fault detection instrument carefully designed and manufactured by our company. The instrument is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and easy to carry.
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WJXZ-6000 Cable Fault Tester
The cable fault tester adopts the time domain analysis method to test the low resistance, short circuit, open circuit and high resistance leakage faults of power cables, communication coaxial cables, local telephone cables, control cables, mining cables and submarine cables of various voltage levels. and high resistance flashover faults.
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