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WJYS tensile testing machine
In order to cooperate with the implementation of the "Protection Test Regulations for Electric Safety Tools and Appliances" issued by the State Power Corporation, our company has developed a mechanical performance testing machine for electrical safety tools and appliances based on years of experience in testing safety tools and appliances. The machine can complete the preventive test of mechanical properties of all safety tools (safety belts, foot buckles, lifting boards, bamboo (wood) ladders, safety helmets) specified in the "Regulations".
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WJDE-I Different Frequency Dielectric Loss Automatic Tester
WJDE-I different frequency dielectric loss automatic tester is a high-precision instrument for automatic measurement of dielectric loss tangent and capacitance of various high-voltage power equipment in power plants, substations and other fields. Due to the use of frequency conversion technology, it can ensure accurate measurement under strong electric field interference. The instrument adds Chinese menu operation function on the basis of GWS-4, one operation, the microcomputer automatically completes the whole process of measurement. It is the most ideal dielectric loss measurement equipment.
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WJYJ automatic frequency conversion anti-interference dielectric loss tester
Dielectric loss measurement is a very basic method in insulation test, which can effectively find the overall moisture deterioration of electrical equipment insulation, as well as local defects. It is widely used in electrical manufacturing, electrical equipment installation, handover and preventive testing. The measurement of dielectric loss of transformers, mutual inductors, reactors, capacitors, bushings, arresters, etc. is the most basic method to measure their insulation performance.
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WJFA-2100 Variable Frequency Volt Ampere Characteristics Comprehensive Tester
一. Overview   WJFA-2100 variable frequency volt-ampere characteristic comprehensive tester is a new generation of innovative CT and PT test instrument developed on the basis of the traditional transformer volt-ampere characteristic ratio polarity comprehensive tester based on voltage regulator, booster and current booster, widely listening to user opinions, after a large number of market research and in-depth theoretical research. The device adopts high-performance DSP and FPGA, advanced manufacturing technology, to ensure stable and reliable product performance, complete functions, high degree of automation, high test efficiency, and is at the leading level in China, and is a professional test instrument for transformers in the power industry.
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WJDW-II buried cable fault pre positioning detector
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WJBR DC Resistance Tester
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KGT-A tapping and bending power workbench
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WJYJ-III Oil Dielectric Loss Tester (New)
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